Future of Blockchain Domains

May 14, 2021

Block Chain

I bought this domain (splch.zil) today! I have a .dev/net domain, but I don’t like the idea of renting a space. When I discovered blockchain domain names and IPFS hosting, I knew it suited me.

It all depends on security and privacy

Now, I don’t know what the future holds for blockchain and IPFS internet, but I think that the importance of publicly served domains will increase by considering present privacy trends. Specifically, as governments continue subpoenaing and gagging hosting services, people will move to more decentralized networks. I hope blockchain domains will be integrated into more browsers, though, because using IPFS gateways is… well, cumbersome. Considering how Signal and Telegram’s growths indicate a public shift toward privacy, I do believe that more blockchain domain names will resolve in more browsers soon.

As for the support of the .zil domain, I’m curious what will happen… As blockchain backends improve, I wonder if .zil will become outdated. Either way, multiple blockchain NFTs can redirect to my website’s IPFS hash 😜 I do hope I can keep using the Zilliqa blockchain, granted they can improve transaction speeds at lower energy costs.

My current worry is keeping this site small enough to be held in many IPFS nodes. I preemptively made a modular loading system for my posts, but I want to include pictures and files >.< In addition, I might implement LZString compression on posts to further reduce size; however, this would mean creating a decoder when writing (maybe an add-on to vscode), which is a bit tedious.

Despite what the future holds for blockchain domains, this is the start of a hopefully long stream of thoughts and things I come across!

As I stand on the edge of quantum, it only seems right that I support the new IPFS internet.